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Alpha 1 Training Opening January 2014


Every new member at Alpha 1 Training receives a proprietary series of movement and fitness assessments to set your individual fitness starting point. Based on your results and your personal fitness goals, we identify which program is best suited for you, and provide workouts tailored to reach your personal fitness goals.

Our Approach


    As we progress with your training, you will be able to achieve higher volume, intensity and performance of all fitness abilities, as well as many advanced combinations of movements.


    Through highly specific individualized programming and variable intensity, the goal of Alpha 1 Training is to increase work capacity and maximize athletic performance in all of the 10 fitness abilities.


    The building blocks of every Alpha 1 Training program are to establish properly progressed patterns of what are commonly referred to as “Functional Movements.” These include Walking & Running, Pushing & Pulling, Bending & Twisting and Squatting & Lunging.

Training Programs

Alpha 101
This program is for those starting out with zero to minimal resistance training. You will learn how to exercise properly with sound movement. The goal for this group is to move into the "Fitness" level once their strength and movement are optimal. All abilities and skill levels welcome.
Alpha Fitness
Join us for a well-rounded strength and conditioning program that offers mixed and cyclical conditioning designs, largely on the aerobic power end. Each session will start with a resistance-training component and finish with a challenging conditioning circuit for time or reps. All abilities and skill levels welcome.
Alpha Sport
A higher level of intensity and skills will be found in this program. This experience is ideal for those who have a "balanced" work and personal lifestyle. You will be challenged to do more work in this group. This program is truly the next phase of training, recommended as a next step for advanced Alpha Fitness participants.

Specialty Classes

Alpha Barbell Club
Learn how to Snatch, Clean and Jerk in a smaller group setting. This is your opportunity to learn and practice proper Olympic Weightlifting technique outside of our group programming. If you love weightlifting, then this class is perfect to feed the need! All abilities and skill levels welcome.
Alpha Skill
Learn how to move your body through space. This class is designed to help improve body awareness and mobility to allow you to progress into skill movements efficiently in our Alpha classes. All abilities and skill levels welcome.
Alpha Black & Yellow
This program encompasses body weight movements focusing on body awareness utilizing tools that provide resistance and also use the body weight for resistance. The class is focused on three-dimensional training and also awareness through heart rate zone training. The program is focused on Cardio, Strength and Balance. All abilities and skill levels welcome.
Alpha Run Club
Join Dan O’Brien-Olympic Decathlon champion and other running experts. Learn about running posture, arm swing and proper breathing. This class will combine dynamic drills, interval training and long distance running to help improve your overall conditioning.

Our Technology

We’ve taken the guesswork out of working out.

Alpha 1 Training offers cutting-edge technology with Active Metabolic AssessmentsSM and our Heart Rate Variability training system. Using these technologies in concert, we can listen to your body and track which days you are ready to be pushed harder, and which days you need to rest more. Because every workout is scientifically based on how your body is doing that specific day, there is no more speculation on what you should or shouldn’t do today. You’ll experience greater results with less chance of burnout and, more importantly, overuse injury.